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Boris Johnson loses parliamentary control as MPs rebel over no-deal Brexit

There has been yet another twist in the UK’s ongoing debate over whether or not to exit the EU without a deal on October 31.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been dealt a huge blow after lawmakers voted to take control of the parliament on Wednesday to block the government’s Brexit plans.

Rebel Conservative MP’s teamed up with the Opposition, voting 328 to 301 to seize the parliamentary agenda.

If a bill is passed tomorrow it will make leaving the EU without a deal illegal.

But Brexit expert, Dr Ben Wellings, said it doesn’t mean a no-deal Brexit won’t go ahead.

“Boris Johnson has said ‘look, if that vote is passed we will respect the constitution … but we will call an election,” Dr Wellings told 3AW’s Ross and John.

Dr Wellings said the British Prime Minister is in a bad position, but a snap election is not unwinnable, as those opposed to a no-deal Brexit are divided.

“He’s only been in the job since July, it’s only his second day in the parliamentary chamber, and he’s already lost his majority so he’s in a very weakened position,” he said.

“But the Labour party has got a mountain to climb and it doesn’t have a popular leader.

“The opposition is divided, so in a way this is Johnson’s best bet.”

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