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Boroondara Councillor claims cleaning up tacks on Kew Boulevard is not council’s responsibility

A Boroondara Councillor has claimed cleaning up tacks is not the responsibility of council, and laid blame squarely on VicRoads.

Yesterday local cyclist George Mihailides told Neil Mitchell he believed Boorondara had been given some funding for cameras and lights, but not enough money to power them all.

Neil asked Studley Ward Councillor Phillip Healey if this was correct.

NM: Is it correct that you haven’t got the money for the cabling for the lights?

PH: Well it isn’t an impediment to it Neil because we can solar power them if we have to.

NM: So why aren’t they there?

PH: The real problem here is the funding should be going straight to VicRoads whose asset the boulevard is. The grant is not complete and the entire grant needs to be funded to the agency which has the responsibility.

NM: We’re talking about safety here!

PH: And who has prime responsibility for that safety? VicRoads, on their asset.

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Councillor Healey said the capitol funding is $69,000 short, just on the installation and $270,000 short over 10 years.

He said the government has offered $180,000 for installation, council would then have to put in nearly $70k more.