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Botched raid: Police yet to speak with victim of mistaken identity

A man has been seriously injured during a botched police raid after being mistaken for a suspect.

Nik Dimopoulos may lose use of his left arm after police stormed into his apartment and failed to identify themselves.

A member of the LBGT community, Mr Dimopoulos believed the raid to be an anti-gay home invasion and ran from the building before being arrested and injured on the street.

Police are yet to speak with Mr Dimopoulos, who underwent surgery over the weekend.

“I’ve made the offer to reach out to and speak to the gentleman concerned,” the Assistant Commissioner of North West Metro, Luke Cornelius told 3AW Mornings.

“I am very keen to convey how appalled I am at the extent of the injuries that Mr Dimopolous has suffered.”

It is unknown whether the police officers involved have been suspended as a result.

“I’m not aware of their work status at this point,” Mr Cornelius told Neil Mitchell.

“That’s not my call to make.”

An internal Victoria Police investigation into the operation is now underway.

“This is a situation where police have gone into a person’s home. You would expect that when police do that there is a high threshold for us making the decision to do so.”

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