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BOTTOM BURPS: Director Mark Lamprell explains why fart jokes are still funny


BOTTOM BURPS: In this highly insightful interview, A Few Less Men director Mark Lamprell explains why fart jokes are still funny

If you think making a low-brow comedy is just a matter of stringing a bunch of cheap jokes together, then think again.

In this unexpectedly illuminating interview, Sydney director Mark Lamprell explains how discipline was needed to make his film A Few Less Men, the sequel to Stephan Elliott’s 2011 comedy hit A Few Best Men.

There was liberation, he admits, in knowing the film was unlikely to be showered with prestigious awards, and while he did not want to go as far into the realm of gratuitous gross-outs as his predecessor, he did want to tap into the cheeky, guilt-free teenager he believes lives inside all adults. 

Lamprell also directed My Mother Frank (2000) and Goddess (2013) and co-wrote the screenplay for Babe: Pig in the City. As an accomplished author he penned the books The Full Ridiculous, The Lovers’ Guide to Rome and One Summer Day in Rome.

We had a lot of fun speaking with Mark, who was very generous with his time and with his observations. Hence, the interview is neatly divided: the first part speaks directly about the nature of the film’s humour, containing a deep & meaningful discussion dissecting the eternal appeal of the fart joke.

The second part of the interview (a link will appear towards the end of part one) deals with the business side of sequels, touches upon the other works in Mark’s career, the huge cost of illegal downloads and finishes up with him describing, in remarkable detail, what it is like getting hit by a car.   

This was an especially fun interview to conduct. Please enjoy.

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