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Bowls biffo: Two brawls at Victorian lawn bowls clubs

Bowling turned to brawling at two Victorian lawn bowls clubs over the weekend, with investigations launched into both incidents.

Neil Mitchell was told a verbal altercation turned into a fight at a match between Sunshine and Werribee on Saturday, and a second game was interrupted by violence between Glenroy and West Coburg.

CEO of Bowls Victoria, Graham Bridge told Neil Mitchell both incidents were “very distasteful”.

“There was a physical altercation between a father and son and some other players from another team (at Glenroy vs West Coburg), which turned a bit nasty with people trying to break up the fracas, it turned into something bigger and people got physically hurt,” Graham said.

“One fella got a nasty couple of marks on his face, he’s not walked into an open door here, he’s been on the end of a wild swing and copped one on the nose and just above the eye.”

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” (At Sunshine) There was allegations of loud and abusive language that made it virtually impossible for players to concentrate,” Graham said.

Bowls Victoria are looking into both incidents, it’s not known if Victoria Police are involved.