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Boy jumps from 20m height into water and rides home with fractured vertebrae

A 12-year-old boy has suffered serious back injuries after jumping from a 20-metre height into waters south-east of Melbourne yesterday.

First mentioned on The Rumour File, Mum Manon later confirmed it was her son who jumped into Moorooduc quarry on the Mornington Peninsula.

“My parting words were, don’t jump off anything high,” Manon said.

“He jumped from a height of 20 metres, his back hit the water first.”

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Incredibly, Manon’s son was winded but felt fine at the time, even riding his bike home.

“It wasn’t until hours later that we realised he was in a lot of pain, we took him to the hospital and turns out he has eight fractured vertebrae in his back,” she said.

“The doctors say from that height it can be like hitting concrete.

“He had a really lucky escape, no spinal cord damage.

“He’s one lucky boy.”