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Boy ‘king hit’ during inter-school sports football game in Melbourne’s east

A high school aged boy has been “king hit” at an inter-school sports carnival in Melbourne’s east this afternoon.

Ambulance Victoria have confirmed paramedics were called to Mont Albert North, with reports of a high school aged boy with injuries to his upper body.

Caller Jenny told 3AW Afternoons the incident occurred at the sports day held at Elgar Park.

“One young lad thought it was appropriate to go up and king hit another player from another team,” Jenny said.

“He’s gone down suspected broken jaw and concussion, the ambulance is just leaving the oval now.

“Very, very scary sight.

“Everyone is a little bit distraught.”

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Jenny said the other player hit the boy, “from the side, he ran up, the ball wasn’t even near him”.

“He just wanted to take this player out,” she said.

The boy has been taken to Box Hill Hospital.

Police confirmed the incident was between two 16-year-old boys, one from Forest Hill Secondary College, the other Heathmont Secondary School.