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Boy threatens kids with pellet gun at Mornington Peninsula primary school

FIRST with Neil Mitchell

A grade three student has threatened other children with a plastic BB gun at Sorrento Primary School.

The boy reportedly held the pellet gun to the head of a prep girl and shot several students with the weapon on Tuesday.

Two parents and a grandparent reported the incident to Neil Mitchell.

Police have confirmed they destroyed a pellet gun which was handed in at Rosebud Police Station after the incident.

Charles said his son was one of those shot.

“That gun was aimed at my child,” he said.

“We told the school, the people in the office there, that we won’t be coming back for a couple of days.”

The Sorrento Primary School parent said he is unhappy with how the school has dealt with the incident.

“We’ve kept our child away but we haven’t had any contact from the school at all,” he said.

“It seems to be protecting the child who has done it.”

Lucy, who has several grandchildren at the school, said the student hid the BB gun until lunch time.

“He kept in his bag until lunch time and then he got it out and waved it around and was shooting people,” she said.

“He held it to the head of a little prep girl.

“The school didn’t call the police or anything, but the mother did later on.”

Image: Kypros