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Brad Hogg opens up on depression

Brad Hogg is a crowd favourite in the world of cricket. He epitomises the fun of the BBL throughout the summer in recent years, however he has had dark times throughout his life.

Speaking on 3AW’s Sports Today program, Hogg opened up about his difficult transition from full-time cricket to real life.

‘It was a big eye opener for me,’ he said.

‘All of a sudden you get out and you’re in the real world… It is a life changing thing.’

Hogg went on to say that his divorce and being away from his kids was the hardest thing he went through.

Having gone through such a difficult time in his life, a piece of advice he gave was if you are experiencing a challenging time, don’t be afraid to open up to your friends.

‘The sooner you do it, the better it is.’

If you or somebody you know is experiencing issues or could talk to somebody, call Lifeline 131 114

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