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‘There’s more’: Brett Guerin quits, but the story unlikely to end there

Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin has quit Victoria Police.

Mr Guerin, head of Police Professional Command, was last week told by Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton to take leave after he admitted to Neil Mitchell he had made vulgar commentary online under a false name.

The matter was referred to IBAC.

On Monday night, in the wake of more posts under Mr Guerin’s fake name of choice being highlighted by The Age, Mr Guerin handed in his resignation to Mr Ashton.

It comes five days after Mr Guerin admitted to his crude comments in an exclusive Neil Mitchell interview.

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But his resignation letter is unlikely to stop the story.

One of the journalists who spearheaded the story at The Age newspaper, Cameron Houston, told Ross and John he expects more details to emerged.

“I think there’s some new information on things Brett said before he was appointed Professional Standards Command leader that would indicate that perhaps he was not best person for that role,” Houston told Ross and John.

“Or at least flags should’ve been set off.”

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Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin has tonight rendered his resignation from Victoria Police.

The Chief Commissioner has accepted this resignation. This action is related to an ongoing IBAC investigation into recent conduct alleged against him.

Assistant Commissioner Guerin’s policing career has spanned more than four decades during which he served the community in numerous operational commands.