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Brendon Goddard fires parting shot at Mike Fitzpatrick over Essendon supplements scandal

Mike Fitzpatrick’s decision to step aside as AFL chairman is set to have significant ramifications.

Sportsday newsbreaker Mitch Cleary said it meant a twilight / night grand final this season was now a near certainty.

But it’s also sparked several slanging matches.

3AW Football’s Mick Warner has written an explosive piece in The Herald Sun, with Sydney boss Richard Colless taking aim at Fitzpatrick.

Colless has branded Fitzpatrick a ‘thug, bully and mafia don.’

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It follows a parting shot from Brendon Goddard.

During his retirement press conference, Fitzpatrick said he was ‘totally comfortable’ with how the league had handled the Essendon supplements scandal in 2012, an event Fitzpatrick said should never have happened.

That seemed to hit a raw nerve with Goddard, who tweeted ‘whatever helps you sleep at night Mike!’

Mitch Cleary also revealed that Fitzpatrick’s departure meant the commission was extremely keen to find another ‘football person’ to join the board.

He said Adam Goodes was at the top of the wishlist.