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Crane pain: Bridge Road reopened, Richmond residents expected to return home tonight

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Works to dismantle the Richmond crane should be completed by 5.30pm tonight.

Bridge Road has reopened and residents in the exclusion zone will be allowed back into their homes from 6pm.

Dozens of evacuated residents spent another night in alternative accommodation after a 40-metre crane boom came loose during Monday’s wild winds.

The CFMEU’s Dr Gerry Ayres told Neil Mitchell a larger crane had been brought in to assist in dismantling the first crane.

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About 300 residents south of Bridge Rd, west of Lennox St and down to Goodwood Street were evacuated about 10.30pm on Monday.

About a dozen people spent the night at the Richmond Town Hall, while most went to hotels or spent the night with friends or family.

Nicole told Neil Mitchell she still hadn’t been told when she could return to her house.

“We have no idea,” she said late on Tuesday morning.

“We’ve got nothing.

“We’re still in our pyjamas!”

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The owner of the crane, Michael Clarke of Clarke Cranes, said the operators to whom he leased the crane had left the “jib” too high overnight.

He said the booms should be left low so that swing with the wind.

“At some sites people complain about it overhanging, and so builders lift it up that little bit more to appease the residents,” he told Ross and John.

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