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Brighton Grammar under fire over controversial bullying advice

A leading psychologist has slammed what she calls ‘victim blaming’ by a resilience coach working to stop bullying at a top Melbourne private school.

Brighton Grammar has posted controversial advice on its website, written by Melissa Anderson.

The article includes asking parents if their bullied sons are part of the problem, if they are whingers, self-absorbed or loose with the truth.

But anti-bullying expert Evelyn Field said such suggestions were most unhelpful and has called for more research into why bullying happens and its impact.

‘There’s no evidence that resilience is the line to take,’ she told Neil Mitchell.

‘It’s the perception that causes the brain injury.

‘Bullying injuries brains.’

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Oscar Yildiz, from Bully Zero Australia, told Ross and John ‘fighting fire with fire’ was never the answer.

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