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Brisbane Lions trial potential rule changes in scratch match

The Brisbane Lions are the latest team to experiment with potential rule changes in a scratch match, in a bid by the AFL to eliminate congestion from the game.

Macquarie Sports Radio’s Shane McInnes told Tom Elliott the changes, tested at a game at the Gabba today, include;

  • Kicking in from 25 metres ahead of the goal line
  • Carry the ball for 20 metres without having to bounce or touch the ground
  • Three players from each team inside 50 at stoppages, with one player from each side inside the goal square
  • Interchanges capped at 40

“Instead of kicking the ball back into play from a behind in the goal square, you’ll have 25 metres in,” Shane said.

“All of a sudden, you’d get it to centre-half-forward and eliminate that chance of congestion in the centre.”

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The trial was the second secret session overseen by AFL officials after a Hawthorn training session at Etihad Stadium last Saturday.

Photo: AAP (Brisbane’s Daniel Rich)