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Bruce Eva says the Hall of Fame should have a ‘mass induction’ of footy legends

The AFL should consider a “mass induction” into the Hall of Fame, Bruce Eva says.

Speaking on Sportsday, Beva says there is a strong crop of footy legends who deserve the ‘Legend’ status ahead of tonight’s event.

“It is the handful of inductees who create most debate, not on their entry, but on who is still not in,” he said.

“These discussions are an annual sport and it’s becoming more of an embarrassment each year.

“When the Hall of Fame began in 1996 there were 136 inductees to kick the concept off.

“For the last eight years there have been six additions every 12 months.

“What do we do about the large number of former stars who remain excluded from the top shelf of football recognition?

“In two years, 2020, it will be the 25th Hall of Fame induction.

“To make it an anniversary worth celebrating we should have another mass induction ceremony to correct most, if not all of the glaring omissions from the first quarter of a century of the hall’s existence.”

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