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Brumby’s bakery causes outrage with ‘best buns in town’ t-shirt

UPDATE: Brumby’s Bakery has canned a controversial staff uniform due to employee backlash.

3AW Breakfast’s Rumour File was told the bakery chain had sent out t-shirts with the slogan ‘we’ve got the best buns in town’ plastered across the front for staff to wear while working.

It sparked outrage, with 16-year-old Jess telling Neil Mitchell she worked at one of bakeries and felt ‘uncomfortable’ about the shirt.

Her father Colin was furious about it. 

‘Young girls aren’t pieces of meat behind a counter,’ he said on 3AW Mornings.

‘It’s totally inappropriate.

Brumby’s head office has since released a statement, saying it had recalled the t-shirts- due to be worn from February 1 – and apologised for any offence.

‘After receiving feedback from the community that the inclusion of the campaign slogan on t-shirts intended to be worn by team members throughout the campaign has made some team members feel uncomfortable, Brumby’s has made the decision to remove this item from the promotion to avoid unfortunate misinterpretation of our promise for high quality handcrafted Hot Cross Buns,’ the statement read.

‘Brumby’s apologises to the community and any of its team members who felt uncomfortable with the promotional t-shirt.

‘The campaign slogan will continue to be used through our Easter promotion, as Brumby’s bakers do make the best Hot Cross Buns in town.’

Plenty of 3AW listeners couldn’t understand the fuss, with Trisha telling those offended to ‘lighten up and have a laugh.’

‘For goodness sake, where has our sense of humour gone?’ she said.

Click PLAY below to hear debate rage on 3AW Mornings over the shirt.