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Parkville carjacking: Retiree tells of ‘crazy thoughts’ during his attack

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A retired reverend who was carjacked at gunpoint after playing golf at Royal Park Golf Course yesterday has talked Neil Mitchell through his “crazy thoughts” during the ordeal.

John Evans, 65, had just left the course about 8am when he was blocked by a dark-coloured SUV on Old Poplar Road at Parkville.

One person emerged from the SUV wielding a small black pistol and pulled Mr Evans from his 2019 Subaru Impreza, grabbing the key in the process.

But the former Uniting Church reverend was not going down without a struggle.

“Unwisely perhaps, I quickly formed the view ‘That ain’t a real gun’,” he told Neil Mitchell.

Police later confirmed the gun was a fake.

A wrestle ensued and the victim managed to disarm the offender and throw the pistol away.

But he he couldn’t stop the offender, who jumped in the Impreza and sped off, while his co-offender drove away in the SUV.

The victim was not injured.

They have today released a computer-generated image of a suspect (above), and a picture of the stolen Impreza (below).

Mr Evans told Neil Mitchell he felt en element of sympathy for the attacker.

“In the midst of it all you have crazy thoughts like ‘Why are you doing this? What’s going on in your mind? This is not your future’,” he said.

“I hope he gets caught and it appropriately dealt with … but something is obviously going on in this person’s life and I find that regrettable.”

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