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Bulldogs president hits back at those who wanted to merge the club in 1989

25 years ago, the Bulldogs were on the brink of collapse.

The VFL wanted to merge Footscray with Fitzroy, two clubs that struggled to raise funds and crowds.

Current president Peter Gordon was instrumental in saving the club in 1989, and admits to a ‘certain satisfaction’ at the popularity of the club now.

‘The TV ratings for the Bulldogs at the moment are off the charts. They’re breaking AFL records,’ Gordon told Neil Mitchell on Monday.

‘For the people connected with the VFL administration back in 1989 who wrote us off because we were no-hopers and too small, I wouldn’t mind seeing the looks on some of their faces.’

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Assistant coach Daniel Giansiracusa said the current crop of players is more worried about creating their own history than making up for the past.

Giansiracusa told Neil Mitchell the playing group is ‘naive’, in the best possible way.

‘These young guys are naive to it all, and I think that’s a good thing,’ he said on Monday.

‘That will hold them in good stead to be as composed as possible in what is going to be a high-pressure situation on Saturday.’

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