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Burke bombshell: How TV star kept Channel Nine in the dark

Don Burke’s total control of his hit TV show Burke’s Backyard protected him from close-checking from Channel Nine, according to 3AW Breakfast entertainment reporter Peter Ford.

Former Nine executives are among dozens of people who have given Fairfax Media scathing assessments of Burke’s character amid allegations of sexual harassment.

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Burke has denied all allegations.

Ford said Burke’s business model meant employees were detached from the Nine Network, and gave Burke extra power.

“What you’ve got to understand about this story … is that Don Burke was both on-air talent ā€” very successful, very popular, high ratings ā€” but he was also packaging and producing his own product,” Ford told Ross and John.

“He and his wife ran that company, so they worked off-station from Channel Nine for the most part, so the people who worked for him never went to Channel Nine. There was no point going to Channel Nine and complaining, because they didn’t work for Channel Nine.

“So it was that independence, that power that Burke had, and fear that people didn’t want to lose their job.”

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