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Bus drivers threaten to boycott Melbourne’s most dangerous routes


Melbourne’s bus drivers have threatened to boycott the city’s most dangerous routes following a surge in assaults.

Drivers have reported 102 physical assaults and 33 verbal assaults in the past six years.

But that’s believed to be just the tip of the iceberg.

John Berger, from the Transport Workers Union, said incidents were becoming more severe.

And if conditions don’t improve, they’ll boycott the most troublesome routes.

‘They’re in the northern suburbs, particularly around the Broadmeadows area and in the eastern suburbs, particularly around Frankston?,’ he explained.

While many of the offenders are thought to be on the drug ice, Mr Berger said there was a strong correlation between the introduction of Myki and the increase in assaults.

Drivers are forced to step in when users don’t touch on.

Mr Berger has called for a round table discussion with bus companies and the government.