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Business magnate Lindsay Fox slams CityLink over toll hike for trucks

Trucking magnate Lindsay Fox is going to war with CityLink over the hike in the toll prices on heavy vehicles.

Transurban has increased the fee on trucks from $12 to $26 to pay for the widening of the Tullamarine Freeway. 

But that project won’t be completed until next year.

Mr Fox told the Herald Sun it made no commercial sense to pay now for something you won’t get to use until next year.

The new charge will be ongoing, even after the project is completed.

Mr Fox says he’s got a very good legal case and he’ll see Transurban in court.

But Treasurer Tim Pallas told Neil Mitchell Mr Fox is ‘dead wrong’ and that it makes sense for trucks to pay more than cars.

‘Trucks take up four times more room on the road. They are around 37 times heavier. They massively contribute to breakdowns on our road network,’ Mr Pallas said.

‘Quite frankly, most other road users subsidise trucks rather than the other way around.

‘Lindsay should recognise that this industry… has to contribute its fair share.’ 

Mr Pallas said if the industry is planning to pass on the increased costs through higher prices, it should also pass on future savings brought about by the freeway upgrade.

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