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Cabinet to tighten up MP entitlement system with the ‘honesty system’ to be scrapped

The Victorian state government will tighten up the MP entitlement system by ensuring regional allowances are only available for regional MPs.

The overhaul comes after Telmo Languiller and Don Nardella were forced to resign at the weekend after it was revealed they’d claimed a combined total of almost $140,000 under the second residence allowance scheme.

As part of the overhaul, MPs will have to provide documentation to prove they are entitled to an allowance.

The ‘honesty system’ for MPs to claim entitlements will be scrapped.

The government is also looking at improving transparency and appointing an independent advisor.

Speaking on 3AW Drive, State Opposition Leader, Mathew Guy said the vague wording of the allowance isn’t to blame.

‘I’m sick to death of hearing people use these things as an excuse, there is no vague wording, this has always been a country members allowance.’ he said.

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