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Cabling problem at desalination plant


Neil Mitchell has heard of a cabling problem at the Wonthaggi desalination plant.

A cable powering pumps has sunk into a trench, pulling joins apart. 

The tip said subsequent repairs will mean the plant couldn’t produce water – if it happened to be needed – for at least 12 months, probably 18.

But a spokesperson for Aquasure, the plant’s operator, told Neil the maintenance is ‘predominantly precautionary’. 

Peter Sammut, who is managing the contract with Aquasure, said this is a case of risk-management.

‘There’s some pressure in the joints of the cable,’ Mr Sammut said.

‘They’re trying to relieve the pressure and strengthen the cable to ensure that it performs for 40 years.’

He said Aquasure is confident that they can deliver on any water ordered for next financial year.

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