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Cadbury denies rumours they have dropped the word ‘Easter’ from their eggs

Chocolate company Cadbury has denied claims they have ditched the word ‘Easter’ after questions were raised on 3AW Mornings. 

Neil Mitchell received an email from listener Brendan who asked why Cadbury had taken the word ‘Easter’ off its Easter confectionery.

3AW Mornings producer Michael Hilder went on an Easter egg hunt to investigate if the rumours were true?

He spoke with Neil from a local supermarket and said their Easter bunnies are called ‘Bumper’ bunnies and their eggs and labelled ‘Hunting Eggs’.

3AW listener Catherine called in and said, ‘We usually buy Cadbury, but we don’t be buying Cadbury anymore.’

‘We will be boycotting them,’ she told Neil Mitchell.

In a statement, Cadbury says that the rumours they have removed the word ‘Easter’ from their packaging is not true.

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