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Call for blind resumes

One in three Middle Eastern migrants are jobless after their first five years in Australia, that figure doubling in the last decade, six times the national average.

Professor Terry Lovat, Professor Emeritus of the University of Newcastle said it’s because of discrimination and has called for blind resumes.

He said there were certain factors that were preventing job seekers getting a foot in the door despite being qualified for the position.

‘Names, certainly if they put a photo, a girl with a hijab or something like that, regardless of what was on the CV’ he said. 

Professor Lovat said blind resumes are in the employers best interest. 

‘There missing out on potentially the best person simply because somebody in a low culling level is making some decision that they don’t want someone from a place like that’. 

‘We’re looking at a whole lot of uninformed and misinformed people making decisions on the basis of very cosmetic stuff.’ he said.

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