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Call for surgeons to stop using live animals as ‘practice’

A Victorian doctor is calling for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons to stop using live animals for surgical training.

Dr Jill Tomlinson performed surgery on greyhounds back in 2004, but now the college says they only use sheep and pigs. 

Dr Tomlinson spoke with Nick McCallum about the practice and described the operations performed.

The ‘dogs’ legs were ‘unnaturally tied down’, the training surgeons were made to ‘put breathing tubes into the chest of the animal’ and ‘cut emergency airways’.

The animals were under anesthetic at the time of the procedure.

Dr Tomlinson says she is – ‘pretty sure the animals were euthanised afterwards’ – and says – ‘We should be using (computer) simulations not live animals’

Since speaking with 3AW, Greyhounds Victoria have said ‘greyhounds are no longer involved in the practice’. 

Click PLAY below to hear Jill’s plea with the Royal Australasian College to stop using live animals