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Calls for bike helmet laws to be scrapped

An Australian cycling group is calling for bike helmet laws to be scrapped.

Alan Todd, President of Freestyle Cyclists says he has organised a protest ride to help push the change.

‘We’re expecting around 50 cyclists,’ Mr Todd said on 3AW Mornings. 

‘We’re calling it the ‘helmet optional ride’, we are well aware we can’t tell people to break the law.’

Neil Mitchell was left far from convinced by the push and says he can’t see the point in removing something which is ‘potentially a safety issue’.

‘We don’t object to wearing helmets, we object to be forced to wear helmets by law,’ says Mr Todd. 

‘I don’t think you should be riding a motorbike or a pushbike without a helmet, I think it’s just self-evident to be frank,’ Neil Mitchell said on 3AW.

The protest ride is set for March 18th, riders meeting at Green Park Cafe in Carlton North at 11am and will end at Abbotsford Convent around midday. 

The current fine in Victoria for not wearing a helmet is $186. 

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