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Calls for increase in police security standards after Parramatta shooting

LATEST: Victoria Police will investigate strengthening security around police stations in the wake of Friday’s shooting at police headquarters in Paramatta.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said while they don’t want to build ‘fortresses’ police must be protected.

The police association says the force has been slow to act after radicalised teen Farhad Jabar Khali Mohammad shot and killed worker Curtis Cheng at close-range.

‘We’ve had to do an assessment of every police station in the state,’ Mr Ashton told Neil Mitchell.

‘The thing is we can’t just create fortresses that we hide police inside.’

He said it was important unsworn staff were also protected.

LISTEN: Victoria’s Chief Commissioner says they are assessing security

Ron Iddles, Secretary of the Victoria Police Association, told 3AW Breakfast every police member now has to consider the possibility of being attacked when they put their uniform on.

‘Complacency in policing has ended, sadly, as of Friday,’ Mr Iddles said.

‘We’ve talked about changing security systems within police stations for 12 months now, it’s time to walk the walk.’

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