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Calls for regulation of social media giants after Christchurch shootings live streamed

Many have called for the regulation of social media giants after the Christchurch shootings were live streamed.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and opposition leader Bill Shorten have suggested social media companies be regulated when it comes to their platforms being used to spread violence and hate speech.

Former Facebook Australia CEO Stephen Scheeler tells Ross Greenwood it’s hard for companies to censor the internet and find it “hard to come to grips with what happens on their platforms.”

“The internet of its nature is an open and democratic haven of free speech.

“Traditional media companies, they control the button and Facebook and Google simply do not control the button.

“The button is in the hands of billions of users around the world.

“If there’s something good that comes out of this events I’m hopeful that it is a greater community understanding and government action… and the platforms to try and sort this out.”

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