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Calls for something to be done about aggressive beggars in Melbourne’s CBD

Aggressive beggars are becoming a big problem in Melbourne’s CBD.

Today, there are reports of violent and aggressive beggars, with some setting up camp on busy streets in the CBD including Elizabeth street.

Shop owners fear their trade is being affected and are too frightened to move the beggars on.

Neil Mitchell’s program producer Michael Hilder went down to some homeless hot spots to investigate

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Minister for housing Martin Foley accepts there is more work to be done as Melbourne deals with an escalating problem with homelessness.

Mr Foley says the government is funding a range of agencies, to work directly with those who need help

‘No one chooses to be homeless, but people do choose to cause violence’

Ross and John spoke with Major Brendan Nottle from The Salvation Army.

Ross asked Major Nottle – ‘How do you deal with this?’

‘We don’t need begging on the streets of Melbourne, come see us, we’ll find a bed for you.’

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