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Calls for urgent support for live performance industry

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Live Performance Australia has called for an urgent $850 million support and stimulus package in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

It comes after countless live music gigs, concerts, theatre performances and festivals were cancelled to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Chief executive of Live Performance Australia, Evelyn Richardson, said some organisations would be looking at live-streaming options.

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra live-streamed their performance last night.

But for the smaller operators, the shutdown of events and venues would be crippling.

“Where it’s possible to do that and where we can do that quickly we will,” she told Tom Elliott.

She called for urgent support from the government for the “economic and health crisis”.

“We need to give access to income support for all those people who have lost their jobs,” she said.

“When it’s time to reactivate and recover, we can’t just turn the lights back on, there has to be support available to enable us to get through the next 6 months.”

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Image: Nutthaseth Vanchaichana / EyeEm

tom elliott