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Calls to ban heavy trucks in Melbourne’s CBD during the day

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A proposal to ban trucks from Melbourne’s CBD during the day has been described as a “nonsense” plan to reduce congestion across the city.

The Victorian Transport Association plan would see most heavy vehicles banned from the city during the day, freeing up street parking and allowing for clearways.

Trucks would be allowed to move freely at night between 7pm-5am.

CEO Peter Anderson said the idea is to improve traffic flow, but he understood resistance to the idea initially.

“It’s a lot safer, cleaner, there’s a degree of discipline and a degree of change, which of course people naturally resist,” he told Tony Jones.

“There needs to be some discussion, some creative thinking about how we can better manage the infrastructure within the city of Melbourne.

“The fact that we have large trucks driving through the city, that aren’t necessarily doing deliveries, that are blocking traffic down lane ways, we can be a bit smarter about it.”

Tony Jones: You’ve stirred up a hornet’s nest, haven’t you?

Peter Anderson: Indeed we have.

The idea has been met with criticism by 3AW callers.

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But Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO Mark Stone rejected the proposal on 3AW Breakfast.

“There are hundreds of trucks, helping Melbourne grow, building Melbourne,” he said.

“Any proposal to ban trucks in the CBD during daylight hours is absolute nonsense.

“If we want to live and work in the city, there is going to be congestion.”

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