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Calls to ban unionists and party volunteers from handing out how-to-vote cards

 Federal Liberal MPs are pushing for a ban on unionists and party volunteers handing out how-to-vote cards.

The call arises from several incidents of intimidation and aggression between people on opposite sides of the political spectrum in the last election.

Consequently, there is a push to have how-to-vote cards distributed by independent, disinterested volunteers.

Jason Wood, the Federal member for La Trobe, supports the move.

Mr Wood told Nick McCallum he received several complaints from Liberal volunteers who were handing out how-to-vote cards.

‘They couldn’t believe the abuse they were copping from other people handing out,’ he said.

But Nick thinks people already feel removed from the political process, and we don’t need to drive another wedge between them and political participation.

‘Fix it, but don’t ban it,’ he said.

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