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Calls to drop ‘Ms’ from female jockeys in race guides

The Australian Jockey’s Association has told 3AW Breakfast that Racing Victoria supports the push for female jockeys not to have ‘Ms’ infront of their names in the form guides.

Female jockeys in the racing form guide and race book have ‘Ms’ ahead of their names, whereas males will not have a title stipulated prior to their name.

Des O’Keefe is the General Manager of the Australian Jockey’s Association, and told Ross and John that the differences in titles is an obsolete protocol dating back to a time when punters did not want to place bets on female jockeys. 

‘This is one of the last areas we really need to catch up on in racing,’ said Mr O’Keefe. ‘We’ve been pushing for it for a long time…we just need it kicked over the line.’

‘We’d rather see her as ‘Michelle Payne; champion jockey’ rather than ‘Ms. M Payne’.’

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