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Cameron Ling warns Geelong about placing all their hopes on Dangerfield

Geelong has gone into a frenzy over Patrick Dangerfield.

The Geelong Advertiser ran no fewer than six pieces on the new recruit ahead of his first hit-out as a Cat, against Collingwood in the NAB Challenge.

But while a riding the wave of excitement is good for selling memberships, a champion Cat has warned about going overboard.

‘That is something Geelong will have to be extremely careful of,’ Cameron Ling said on Sports Today on Friday.

‘If they think Dangerfield arriving is going to solve all the problems, and they’ll shoot back up the ladder, they’re kidding themselves.’

Ling said every small promotional task they ask the star to be the face of will ‘chip away’ at him.

‘Sell some memberships, that’s fine. But then just get on with letting him play footy.’

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