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Campaign calling for taxpayers to fork out for childcare workers pay rise

A mum of four and principal campaigner is calling for the government to fund a 30 per cent pay rise for early childhood workers.

It comes as thousands of childcare workers walk out over pay disputes today.

Nicole Lessio, a mum of four and the Principal Campaign Manager of The Parenthood, told Neil Mitchell some workers are paid as low as $21 an hour, and she wants to see the extra funds come from the taxpayer.

“I think Neil it definitely has to come from government,” Nicole said.

“We’re really focused on education for kids who are five and over.

“The work that they do is vitally important for the education of our children.

“It’s not valued.”

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Neil questioned as someone who does not have young children in childcare, should he be paying for the salaries of early childhood workers.

“The question is, is childcare a convenience for the parents or a crucial part of a child’s early learning that we all should fund?”