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Campaign launched for man who responded to Bourke St terror attack

A public funding campaign has been set up to help one of the first people to respond on Bourke Street.

Security guard Eamon Davie witnessed the attack on Bourke St, locked his colleagues inside and tried to save Sisto Malaspina’s life.

Davie was on the door at the Carlton Club, opposite where the attack occurred.

Eamon’s sister Jackie told Neil Mitchell her brother is a casual worker and she doesn’t want him to be forced to go back to work before he’s ready.

“He was just starting work on the door, he saw the car roll down the road and the man get out of the car,” Jackie said.

“My brother’s first instinct was to run back to the club and lock the doors.

“He’s not working, he’s not getting paid and I don’t want him to go back to work and look out on the street where it all happened.”

Victims of Crime Commissioner Greg Davies confirmed to Neil that Eamon is already registered for urgent financial assistance from the government, and he will be eligible for further financial compensation from Work Cover and the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal in the future.

“For this gentleman and for others who find themselves in this particular position, particularly with this incident, if they call the Victims Helpline, 1800 819 817, they’ve been authorised to provide immediate urgent financial assistance,” Mr Davies said.

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You can donate to the fundraiser here.