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Campaign to save 400-year-old Red Gums in Melbourne’s outer-north

VicRoads wants to bulldoze two Red Gums, one 400-years-old, the other 500-years-old, to widen a road in Melbourne’s outer-north, according to the landowner.

It’s believed the trees have got to go to make way for the widening of Yan Yean Road in Doreen and that widening the other side of the road isn’t possible due to the location of a housing estate.

But Debbie Yeomans, whose parents own the property in question, told Tom Elliott that isn’t the case.

“They want to bulldoze them, they can widen to the west on the other side of the road but I think it’s easier or cheaper for them to go over the trees,” Debbie said.

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Project Director of Metropolitan Projects Northern, VicRoads, Warren Bradshaw told 3AW Drive he had met with the landowner to discuss their concerns.

“We’ve been working closely with the local community on designs for the second stage of the Yan Yean Road upgrade between Kurrak Road and Doreen but have not yet finalised the road alignment,” he said.

“We’re doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment, however, some tree removals will be necessary as part of this project.”