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Camps, nude runs and traffic chaos planned as Extinction Rebellion targets CBD

Climate protesters are vowing to swarm the city today, in the first action of a week of promised disruptions.

Extinction Rebellion will stage a protest at Flinders Street from 5pm.

The protest is expected to block traffic during this afternoon’s peak.

Dozens of protesters are expected to camp each night in Carlton Gardens.

Organisers also say they will stage other actions during the week including a rave party and a nude run through the CBD.

Commander Tim Hansen says Victoria Police will crack down on aggressive or violent tactics.

“Certainly as far as those extreme protest tactic goes, they’re at the extreme end of the political spectrum and they’re proven to repeatedly show a propensity to use extreme tactics that really disrupt the city and does threaten the good order of the CBD,” he said.

‘‘Everyone has a right to protest peacefully without impacting the rest of the community, who also have the right to go about their daily business.

“Not only do you have human rights, you have human rights responsibilities here.”

Extinction Rebellion protesters have also rallied in other cities across Australia today.

In Sydney, thirty protesters have been detained in a CBD rally, while in Brisbane, police have had to use crow bars and an electric saw to free protesters.

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(Above photo: Extinction Rebellion protesters in Melbourne’s CBD in September – by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

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