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Can coffee really taste that different? St Ali thinks so!

The team from St Ali came into studio to teach Kate how to correctly taste coffee.

There is more to it than you would think!

Salvatore Malatesta, coffee legend and co-owner of St Ali, and Julian Angelatos, creator of ‘Learn to Taste Coffee’ joined the Moveable Feast team to discuss everything coffee.

From the origin of the coffee bean, to the processing, quality, final roasting of the bean and of course the correct way to “slurp”!

Bringing with them a Take Home Coffee Course, Kate was taught the difference between a bad coffee, an average coffee and an excellent coffee, as well as a light roast, a medium roast and a dark roast.

Safe to say Kate was jumping off the walls after trying all 6!

Salvatore also tells us why black coffee is best for all coffee lovers (being most of Melbourne).

To find out more about St Ali and to get your own Take Home Coffee Course visit their website or in store at 12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne VIC 3205

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