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Dutch cyclist was on ‘trip of a lifetime’ before tragic death

Macquarie National News

A Dutch woman killed in an alleged hit-run crash on Chapel Street was on the “trip of a lifetime”

A 26-year-old man, of no fixed address, has since been arrested over the tragic incident.

The woman, 27, was hit by an allegedly stolen Mercedes SUV on Grosvenor Street about 10am yesterday and couldn’t be revived.

The SUV had been allegedly stolen during a burglary in Elsternwick on Sunday, August 5.

Are we taking stolen cars seriously enough? There’s 43 stolen every day, so it’s hard to see how police could keep up. But if this stolen car had been identified, picked up within a few days of being stolen, that young woman would still be alive.
-Neil Mitchell

“I’d like to say we can release the details of every stolen car in Victoria so public can keep an eye out for them, but that’d be a whole show by itself,” Inspector McGregor told Neil Mitchell.

“The list would be too long to discuss.”

Inspector McGregor on telling the victim’s family: “She was on a working visa. She was here for an extended period and a really good holiday, a holiday of a lifetime. We got Interpol to knock on the door rather than do it on the telephone. We’ve been in touch now and we’re in touch with them and we’re in touch with the people who are in Australia, who are relatives.”

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Anyone with information, including dashcam footage of the Mercedes, is being urged to come forward.

Macquarie National News