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Primary school students are making care packages for kids affected by bushfires, but they need your help!

Sunbury Primary School students have banded together to help out children affected by bushfires.

Teacher Heather Katsipapis said grade one and two students came up with the idea to put together care packages for affected children.

“They’re very entrepreneurial, these children,” she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“We do a program called Investigations where we encourage the students to come up with big ideas and then they learn about collaboration and teamwork, and problem-solving.

“They said ‘we want to create some sort of packages or some sort of support for homeless people or people that have been affected by fires’.

“They wanted to fill the bags with donations, things that people would donate to them and then they’d get them off to people affected by fires.”

But the students need your help!

They are looking for businesses who can donate goods for 125 care packages.

“We were thinking things like seeds that the children can plant to see new life growing … essential oils, books and toys,” Ms Katsipapis said.

If you would like to donate goods for the care packages send an email to

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Image: Jurgita Vaicikeviciene / EyeEm