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Capilano and major supermarkets deny accusations of selling “fake honey”

Australia’s biggest listed honey company and some of the country’s largest supermarket chains face accusations of selling fake honey, according to a report in today’s Age,

The report states samples were tested at a leading international scientific lab that specialises in honey fraud detection, finding almost half the samples selected from supermarket shelves were “adulterated”, meaning it had been mixed with other substances (rice syrup, beet syrup and other unidentified substances).

Trevor Weatherhead, executive director of the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, told Ross and John he thought the report was “vague”.

“I hadn’t known about it until this morning,” Trevor said.

“It’s interesting that they say it’s adulterated but they don’t say what it is.”

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Capilano vigorously denied that any of its products weren’t pure honey.