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CARE Australia CEO calls on Australia to accept more refugees

The CEO of CARE Australia believes Australia’s intake of 12,000 more refugees is a ‘good start’.

Dr Julia Newton-Howes told Tom Elliott that Western and non-Western countries alike should accept more.

‘There are close to 60m refugees in the world, and I don’t think there’s being enough done to resettle them,’ Dr Newton-Howes said on Wednesday.

Dr Newton-Howes has recently spent time at an impromptu refugee camp in Belgium.

‘People were in bad condition, dehydrated, malnourished, and exhausted,’ she said.

Dr Newton-Howes said Europeans were going out of their way to help the refugees in need.

‘The taxi we caught to get there refused to take a fare from us. He said ‘If you want to help the refugees, I’m going to do my bit’.

‘People were coming with warm clothes, people had cooked huge pots of food. There was an enormous sense of welcome.’

LISTEN: Dr Julia Newton-Howes speaks to Tom Elliott about the refugee crisis