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Career advice for kids aged 8? Not unless they want to be in ‘aged care’…

An education expert says a plan to offer career advice to kids as young as eight could be futile.

Unless they want to work in aged care…

The Age today reports children as young as eight would start receiving career advice under a plan proposed to a Victorian parliamentary inquiry.

But Adam Voigt, a former principal and founder of Real Schools, told Ross and John it could quickly become pointless and add unnecessary stress if not carefully managed.

“I certainly don’t think we should be giving them advice about what jobs they should be lining themselves up for,” he said.

“We in fact have no clue what jobs will be available for the kids in Year 9 and 10.

“What we need to do is be really clear on what the drivers are and what the future workforce is going to look like.”

He said any career advice should have an eye firmly on the future.

“For example … We have an incredibly aging population, so skills in aged care are still going to be very, very relevant,” Mr Voigt added.

“So we’ve got to keep an eye on skills, not just jobs.”

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