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Carlton’s ‘steak stink’ pub closure only the start of problems: expert

A steak restaurant in Carlton has been forced to temporarily close its doors and lay off staff after complaints from neighbours over the smell.

And a planning expert says Melbourne’s restaurants, cafes and bars should be ready to fight similar cases.

The Longhorn Saloon in Elgin Street was hit with an improvement notice from the City Of Melbourne after locals claimed their clothing and furniture was left reeking of barbecued meat.

The Age reported the owner was given just three weeks to install a new ventilation system, which he claims would have cost $100,000.

RMIT planning expert Professor Michael Buxton told Justin and Kate the case is a sign of the times.

‘As Melbourne intensifies this will be an increasing problem,’ he said.

‘More and more flats are going to be built next to or near problem premises, or new premises.

‘The people who have got to get used to this are the councils and government, and they’ll really have to figure out what to do about this because it’s going to get worse and worse.

‘There’s very inconsistent approaches taken by councils with this sort of problem … particularly with noise.’

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