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Carnegie car wash refuses to take responsibility for theft of woman’s vehicle

A woman who had her car stolen from a shopping centre car wash has been forced to change the locks on her home.

Ashleigh has told 3AW Mornings she dropped off her keys in the basement of Carnegie Central and returned, only to be told thieves had made off with her vehicle.

She says someone tried to break into her house the next morning, but fortunately she’d had her locks changed.

‘My house keys were on there, I had information in my car with my address,’ says Ashleigh, ‘Those thieves drove to my house the following morning at 2am and attempted to break in with my house key!’

Ashleigh tells 3AW’s Tony Jones, ‘I’m a nurse, I don’t earn crazy amounts of money, I just want to be reimbursed.’

Police located her car on Thursday night, ‘They found the car last night and it’s in a bit of a state.’

High profile Melbourne lawyer David Galbally QC says the car wash is responsible for the theft and damage caused.

‘If you’ve left a car with the keys in their care, custody and control they’re responsible for looking after it,’ he tells Tony Jones.

‘I would see a lawyer and get them to write a letter.’

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