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Caroline Wilson responds to ‘vicious’ comments from Eddie McGuire

Caroline Wilson says she’s been upset by ‘vicious’ comments from Eddie McGuire, James Brayshaw and Danny Frawley.

?She told Ross and John the Collingwood president often got away with controversial comments because people are scared of him.

McGuire suggested on the day of the MND ‘Big Freeze’ at the MCG he’d pay money to see Wilson stay under a pool of iced water.?

Frawley, who backed up the comments and said he’d hold her under, has since issued an apology.

McGuire has issued an apology of sorts, saying it was nothing personal.

‘It’s such a pity that they needed to default to that sort of really vicious language,’ Caroline Wilson told Ross and John.

‘I don’t accept it was playful, banter, I’ve gotta say.

‘To be honest, I think he gets away with a lot because people are scared of him.

‘His board didn’t stand up to him over the Adam Goodes business, the AFL didn’t stand up to him over equalisation.

‘It just keeps happening because he has such power.’

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