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Carr-Gregg defends ‘irritating’ Family Peace ads

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg has defended Family Peace Foundation advertisements, after several listeners contacted 3AW to vent their frustrations with the ads.

Hilda told Neil Mitchell she finds the children in the radio ads “ungrateful” and “spoilt”.

“It’s so irritating. It’s not about family peace anymore,” she said.

Another listener, Ray, said he turns the radio off when he hears the ads.

“They’re just so insincere, you can’t take it seriously,” he said.

Dr Carr-Gregg, a psychologist and former board member of the Family Peace Foundation, said the ads aren’t meant to be comfortable for parents to listen to.

“They’re supposed to be consciousness-raising.

“If they make you sad then good, because that means you’re thinking about it,” he said.

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Dr Carr-Gregg commended Frank Walker from National Tiles, who is behind the advertisements.

“I take my hat off to Frank and his partner Rhonda,” he said.

“They have put enormous amounts of money into this and they are very, very dedicated to addressing the issue of domestic violence.

“The whole point of Frank and Rhonda’s efforts is to give people a developmental perspective to get them to start thinking about what they’re doing and their families,” he said.