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‘The expectation is huge!’: Cartoonist Mark Knight reveals the 2019 premiership posters

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One of the great traditions of Grand Final day is to buy the Herald Sun poster, with hundreds of thousands of Australians picking up a copy each year.

Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight joined 3AW’s Kate and Quarters ahead of his biggest day of the year.

“It is terrifying. It’s the biggest moment in my career!,” he said.

“You’ve got Richmond supporters who, halfway through the season, say ‘what are you going to do for us?”

“The expectation is huge.”

Mr Knight said it was refreshing to have a new mascot to draw this time around, but it took a few tries to get it right!

“The Giants come along and it’s something new, and the giant, it’s a good mascot to work with,” he said.

“The mascot is not actually a giant, it’s a funny little kid with this red hair. So the first sketch I did of it, I had this big giant with a big mop of red hair and it looked like Donald Trump!”

The tiger in this year’s Richmond poster is noticeably less ferocious than the tiger was when the team won the premiership in 2017.

“That poster came after a long absence so there was a lot of expectation, and the tiger in that one was sort of jumping out of the poster, growling in your face,” Mr Knight said.

“This one had to be different. I thought this one should be more elation.

“I think that’s the way supporters will feel, I guess they lost it last year… they need that affirmation this year.”

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